Archival note

This spelling booklet is a precursor to the published dictionary and was created by one of Wittgenstein’s students – Leopoldine Eichberger – as a class project completed while Wittgenstein was teaching in Puchberg in 1923-24 (see Hübner, viii). It consists of approximately 3000 entries of German words commonly used in Austria which were likely dictated by Wittgenstein and handwritten by Eichberger. The 102 pages of octavo sheets were bound by hand into a booklet format using glue and a red string. The outer cover of the booklet bears marks of an etching process which was also the product of Wittgenstein’s class exercise on bookbinding (see Wünsche, 95). The difficulty of replicating this set of exercises for each class – and the lack of any other suitable dictionary – led Wittgenstein to the decision to publish his own dictionary.