We dont deny that he can remember a having
dream<t> so & so before he was born. Denying
this to us would be like denying that
he can say he remembers having dreamt
so & so before he was born.
    I.e. we don't deny that he can
make this move but we say that
the move alone or together with all
the sensations feelings etc he might
have while he is making it does not
tell us what game it is a move of. to what game the move belongs.
    We might e.g. never try to connect up
a statement of this sort with anything
past (in an other sense). We might treat
it as an interesting phenomenon &
possibly connect it up with the persons ¿writing¿
in a Freudian way or on the other hand
we may look for some phenomena in the
brain of the embryo which might be
called dreams etc. etc.. Or we may just
say: “old people are liable to say such
things” & leave it at that.