Su If I say “I see this→” I am liable to tap my chest to show which person I am. Now suppose I had no head & pointing to my geometrical eye I would point to an ˇempty place above my neck, wouldn't I still
feel that I pointed to the person who sees tapping my chest? Now I might ask d “how do I know in this case who sees this?” But what is this. It's no use ˇjust pointing ahead of me, & if, instead, I point to a description & tap both my chest & the description & say ‘I see this’ – it makes has no sense to ask “how do you know that it's you who sees it” for I don't know that it's this person & not another one which has sees before I point; but one could in certain cases say I know because I point. – This is what I meant by saying that I dont chose the mouth which says “I have toothache”.