This object seems to be ˇis unsuitably inadequately described as “that which I see”, “my visual image”, as it has nothing to do with any particular human being. Rather I should like to call it “what's seen”. And so far it's all right except that only now I've got to say what can be said about this object, in what sort of language game. “What's seen” is to be used. For at first sight one should feel inclined to use th[e|i]s words expression as one uses a word designating a physical object & only on second thought I see it appears that I can't do that. – When I said
that here seems to be an object I can point to & talk about, it was just that I was comparing it with to a physical object. For only on second thought it appears that the idea of “talking about” isn't applicable here. (I could have compared the ‘object’ to a theater decoration.)