Sir it is pathetic ridiculous to see all the discussion going on about the harmfulness of the gangster films to the young while the minds of both adults & children [is|are] being systematically poisoned by the foul worst kind of Vansitartt propaganda made by the ˇcinema newsreels newsreel comments in our cinemas, & condoned inspired by the M.O.P. Can there be anything more swinish foul evil than the gloating war news of the British Movietone News unless it be that of Universal News? The gloating over dead ‘Huns’ over the old German citys flattened razed to the ground over German civilians who walking about among the ruins of there towns? Everybody knows about Nobody doubts the unspeakable horrors of the Nazi Regime which are perhaps comparable only to … When they were in full swing long before the war had started & even after it had started we heard very little about them … Now Now that the enemy is completely finished to use the words all the well known tricks of the camera & the by far nastier ones of the commentators are set into action motion to make represent the German people to the unthinking cinema goer look appear like a as one pack of woolves. The commentators are worthy pupils of Dr Goebbels, of worst kind of Germans. We are not writing this letter in what
would be a crazy expectation to open the eyes of the blind, but to direct the attention of the seeing to a horrid evil the lying propaganda the germ of Nazism itself.