Notes for the ‘Philosophical Lecture’.
⌋⌋ Privacy of experiences. This privacy a superpr.. Something like privacy. What seems to be the essential ˇcharacteristic of pr.? Nobody but I can see it, feel it, hear it; nobody except myself knows what it's like. Nobody except I can get at it. Language game with the colour-chart. Let us imagine each man has a private chart[.| (]perhaps besides having a public one). Imagine he points to green on his pr. ch. when ‘red’ is said why should we say he means by ‘red’ the colour we mean by ‘green’?
Privacy of feelings can mean: nobody can know them unless I show them; or: I can't really show them. Or: if I don't want to, I needn't give any sign of my feeling but even if I want to I can only show a sign & not the feeling.