Meaning consisting of the word referring to an object. How an ob kind of object ist hypostasized for a technique of use. This word refers
to this→ object that word to that→ object. Explanation of the object referred to not by pointing but by explaining a technique. Colourwords shape-words, etc. Under what circumstances pointing can explain i.e. convey the use of a word. Not to a baby. It learns by being drilled. There is therefore no occult act of naming an o[j|b]ject that in itself can give a word a meaning. Words for coloured shape. Word for colour on
one side of a line.
What does ‘now’ refer to or ‘this’ or ‘I’. The private object. The naming of the private object. The private language. The game someone plays with himself. When do we call it a game. If it resembles a public game. The diary of Robinson Cr..
So we mustn't think that we understand the working of a word in lang. if we say it is a name which we give to some sort of an experience which we have. The idea is
here: we have something it is as it were before the minds eye (or some other sense) & we give it a name. What could be simpler? One might say could put it roughly this way: All ostensive Definition explains the use of a word only when it makes one last determination, removes one last indeterminacy.