The relation between name & object. Lang. game of builder. What is the relation between names & actions names & shapes? The relation of ostensibly
defining. Thats to say in order to establish a name relation we have to establish a technique of use. And we are misled if we think, that it is the a peculiar process of christening an object which makes a word the word for an object. This is a kind of superstition. So it's no use saying that we have a private object before the mind & give it a name. There is a name only where there is
a technique of using it & that technique can be private; but this only means that nobody but I know about it in the sense in which I can have a private sewing machine. But in order to be a private sewing machine, it must be an sewing machine object which would deserves th[at|e] name name sewing machine not in virtue of its privacy but in virtue of its similarity to sewing machines private or otherwise.