Common idea: a word has meaning by referring to something. There is a connection between a w. & an object. What sort of connection?
Is it something like this: the w. reminds us of the obj.? What happens when a thing reminds me of something? Seeing M remind me of his Father. Let's say roughly seeing M so & so produces in me thoughts about Ms his father & or images of Ms father. (Remark) The sentence I immagine M is so & so is not a description of a picture before my minds eye. Ask yourself do you recognise M's father him from the picture before your minds eye? Would you say: I see a man with white hair etc.
I suppose I'm imagining M.? but perhaps its only someone who looks very much like him. There is (however) a use we make of pictures which resembles much more that which we make of the product of our imagination: E.g. we describe the position of objects in an street accident & say while drawing, : ˇthis (line) is … street this (square) is the overturned car this (cross) the policeman at the corner etc. Here too we are using sentences of the same form as those which would describe
ˇwhat we believe a picture ˇrepresents whereas their use is to give a picture an interpretation. – It is useful here to imagine that a man imagines by means of drawing or painting sketching or even by producing a cartoon film. If you said that in order to draw he must already have a mental picture which he copies, the answer is, that the mode of projection used to copy his mental picture is not determined & the latter therefore m[ay|ig]h be anything, so that in fact
all that gives us a right to speak about a mental picture is the fact that we ˇare under c.c. inclined to call a (non-mental) picture a representation of it a mental one.