Now the way I would be tempted at first to meet this paradox is this: Let me consider again the experience of wondering at existence & let me describe it in a slightly different way: We all know what in ordinary life would be called a miracle: It obviously is simply an event the like of which we have never yet seen. Now suppose such an event happened. Take the case that one of you suddenly grew a lion's head & began to roar certainly that's as extraordinary a thing as I can imagine. Now whenever we would have recovered from our surprise what I would suggest is to fetch a physiologist & have the case scientifically investigated & if it were not for being afraid of hurting him I'd have him vivisected. And where would the miracle have gone to, for it is clear that looking at it in this way everything miraculous has disappeared unless what we mean by miraculous is merely that a fact has not yet been explained by science which again means merely that

we have hitherto failed to group this fact with others in a scientific system. This means that it has no sense to say science has proved that there are no miracles”. No: the scientific way of looking at a fact is not the way to look at it as a miracle. For imagine whatever fact you may, it is not in itself a miracle in the absolute sense & one is in itself not more or less miraculous than the other. I once heard a preacher in a Cambridge church say that of course there were still miracles happening only look at the tiny little seed from which a tree grows. But this is wrong for is this more miraculous than that a stone falls or in fact any thing which happens whatever happens! Again we see that we have used the term miracle in a relative & an absolute sense. In the relative sense it simply meant a hitherto unknown kind of event. Well that's a trivial meaning. But when we are tempted to use it in what I would like to call a deep sense then we want it to mean that we wonder at it not because of the rarity of what has happened|the event but because what has happened has happened whatever has happened. And here we have the misuse of the word to wonder” which we talked about previously. —