of scientific expression they are a
misuse of language in fact they are
nonsense. The word to wonder has
of course a good sense which we all
understand if it means to wonder at
a certain state of things to wonder
that such & such is the case. It
has a good & clear sense to say
that I wonder at some unusually
dressed man as I have neve seen
before or at some strange sound etc. etc.
It is also clear what it means to
w[a|o]nder at the existence of say a
building which you had thought
had been pulled down long ago
for here it has a meaning to say
I did not think that this building
still existed or to say that it does
exist. On On the other hand its nonsense
ˇ& not a prop at all to say that colour & sound
exists & for this reason its nonsense
to say that I wonder at their
existence. Now the correct wright expression
of what we mean when we say that
colour & sound etc. exist is not a
proposition at all but realy the